Rei Gin

Rei Gin is our standard Gin brand that is more targeted to Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and export. It's a standard quality Gin and comes in 5 different flavors. One London Dry Gin, One London Dry Gin enriched with Elderflower and a touch of lemon, One Citrus based Gin with bitter orange peel, One Spicy Gin with ginger and finally One Floral Gin based on Rose petals. A perfect set for any Bar or restaurant to make great tasting cocktails. Rei Gin comes in bottles of 70cl. and 40° Alc./Vol.

Rei Gin Dry

Product Description:

This London Dry Gin stands for a one-time distillation in which all ingredients (juniper berries) were also distilled and therefore falls under the most classic Gin style. A dry gin with the right bite. Perfect for incorporating into cocktails. Rather a male gin ... The counterpart of the Rei Gin Elderflower

Rei Gin Dry - Elderflower

Product Description:

A new floral, fruity and fresh gin 'infused' with the flesh of lemon and elderflower. It looks like a liquid flower of juniper berries with a soft ripe hint of citrus. An exceptionally soft gin that is easy to drink. Fresh and fruity aromas prevail with the taste of juniper in the background.      

Rei Gin Gold

A characterful and classy Standard Gin based on orange zest, juniper and dried coriander. This unique gin contains its own specific golden glitter that ensures a true spell in the bottle but also in the glass. "Shake the bottle and release the gold"

Perfect serve: 15cl Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic or Fever Tree Clementine Tonic and a zest of orange.

Rei Gin Sky

Product Description:

A light blue tinted spicy gin, soft in taste based on fresh ginger and Asian green tea. Highly recommended both during the cold winter months and during the balmy summers! A Standard Gin for fans of hip, exclusive spirits with a pure and full taste.

Perfect serve: 15cl Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, finish with a few juniper berries.

Rei Gin Rose

Product Description:

A slightly softer, light pink tinted classy gin based on rose petals and juniper.

Soft and unique in taste for those who love a floral gin. An absolute must for the female fans! A Standard Gin for fans of hip, exclusive spirits with a pure and full taste.

Perfect serve: 15cl Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic, finish with rose petals and juniper berries.